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About Us

We are a recruitment company specialising in technical staffing to the building, civil and mining sectors in Africa and the Middle East. SURGE was established in 2015 by a group of experienced recruiters with their own background in construction and who mentored top specialist recruiters for large, well known agencies.

Our Vision

We take great pride in the speed and accuracy of our work and our purpose is to ensure that our clients have the upper hand by supplying them with the best staff around and who will bring real added value to their businesses.

What We Do

Seeing a large lack of skill in the staffing industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to set a new high standard in recruitment. We have revolutionised our industry by:

  • Changing the way we source our candidates (we advertise on a massive scale and directly to your potential new employee as opposed to using the same methods of our competitors who “fish from the same pond” by using the generic job portholes)
  • We spend far more on advertising than other agencies with the result of our client’s vacancy ads being more widely viewed than any other agencies ads in sub Saharan Africa (by more than 1000 times that of our competitors)
  • We find the people out there that aren’t prevalent on public media and who’s CVs you are unlikely to find elsewhere
  • Because our candidates aren’t sourced through traditional means, they aren’t being contacted consistently by your competitors and other recruiters and therefore don’t tend to be poached soon after starting with our client (You). Using this system, we are proud to report a zero incidence of this in the past 3 years which is, in itself, a staggering statistic for any agency

Our Values

Our agents understand that they are not selling cars but are dealing with people’s careers and livelihood as well as the survival of companies and, that their actions affect a great many people. We also understand that a company’s staff are its most valuable asset and should not be compromised with. It is for this reason that we approach staffing much like our clients do; with a great deal of care and responsibility; and we go through great lengths to ensure that our candidates are thoroughly vetted and we liberally apply the principle “Many are called for, few are chosen”.

Our Message to You

Top companies around the world got where they are today by hiring the right people. Don’t be left behind - use us and Surge ahead. Our agents are always up to the task and stand ready to assist you.

Contact us now and prepare to be impressed!

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